Primary Vehicle Information

  • Mileage 80,000
  • Exterior Color White
  • Interior Color Black
  • Body Style Convertible
  • Engine 4 Cylinder
  • Transmission Manual
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Doors Two

Vehicle Description

My car history:

The car was purchased by me on a cold October night in 2013. It was originally owned by a lady doctor or so I’m told as the original log book was lost mid 1990. After that it was purchase by another man who rebuilt the engine and converted it to unleaded, yes hardened the valve heads etc. He fitted and oil cooler, resprayed it, added a walnut dash and wooden steering wheel. The last owner who I bought it from,  added a new rocker cover and some chrome covers for the Dash pots ( which I was told to remove as the tops wouldn’t fully tighten and it was affecting performance) and electronic ignition. He also added white alloys (which looked awful!)

Work carried out:

When I bought the car I carried out the following:

  • Set of Wire wheels purchased on eBay for €500
  • Changed Oil in Engine, Gearbox and Differential
  • Currently rebuilding the front suspension , replacing worn bushes and brake pads. I have the passenger side done. Other side to do yet but hadn’t the heart to have it lying up for the summer so I drove it for the last 2 months with only one side upgraded!
  • New Plugs and HT leads.

Work that needs to be done:

  • Front suspension rebuild drivers side
  • I have purchased new Vinyl seat covers and new foams for the seats
  • Need to fix door opener
  • Universal Joints in back suspension are clanking
  • Rear left wheel hub has 3 guides for wheel. However the wire wheel wont it over them and I need to have them cut off. The other side has a different type hub.
  • Choke doesn’t work and I need to use Quick start in the carburetor. Car cuts out when I pull it out

Questions for viewers:

  • Anyone know how to clean the butterfly valve for the choke and rebuild it etc?