Classic Car Auction Sites

Austin Healy 3000

So you want to buy a classic car and you head straight for the local classified adverts. However there are a lot more options than you think to source that dream machine. Buying through Classic car auction websites is an excellent way to buy your dream machine.

Besides the standard local Classifieds there are:

  • Auction sites
  • International sourcing and importation
  • Niche car dealers

On the international auction sites for example in the USA a car can be shipped to Europe for less than €2K. There are even companies that will manage the entire process albeit it at a fee.

Classic Car Auction Sites

Best classic cars are available in Classic Car Auction Sites. Take the following 5 Sites:

1. picks some great cars and runs an online auction that is vetted by the local community. They ensure that all is fair and avoids last minute bids so that unlike ebay, on this site last minute bids mean that the clock is reset by 3 minutes.

They select cars that have been driven and are not concurs and thus huge money. They even organise shipping and photography if required.

This 1986 911 Carrera sold for €21K.

classic car auction

These guys are well worth a look and have some beautiful  examples .


This is another example of an American site that offer a great range of classics. This company deals on the West coast of the USA and as such the warm climate meant most classics are rust free.

This is an UK based family run company that run Classic car auctions 5 times a year with viewings on a Friday and the Auction held on a Saturday. Here’s some examples of the value available at the most recent auction


This company operates one of the few drive through classic car sales rather than a static car sale.

Brightwells is another UK based auction house that deal in a number of categories including classic cars. Auctions are held on a regular basis and a full online catalogue is available for viewing. Cars can also be viewed on site before the auction. These auctions offer excellent value for the adventurous buyer.

jaguar etype

Classiccar liquidators is  Texan, US based company specialising in American muscle cars. They have a great range and ship world wide.

Mustang fastback

Target cars are a dutch company based in Eindhoven. What’s interesting about this company is that they deal in Classic cars and replica classic cars. This means that they would have a Ferrari worth €150K and along it , an identical replica for €40K.

Ferrari 348

Finally there are an extensive range of Private classic car dealers across the UK with an excellent selection of classic cars for sale.

Classic car is a prime example of one of these dealers. Classic chrome are based in London and have around 30 cars of their own for sale along with a further 100 to 150 of cars for sale on behalf of their owners.

They offer some very good value and only stock well looked after classics. They currently have a Mercedes Pagoda for Sale for €17,500.


In summary, most people know one or two classified sites that they tend to use to source cars. Why not extend your search and try clicking on the tenth page returned by google to uncover some hidden dealers whith some unusual bargains both in EU and further afield.


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